Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here are some photos from the trip.

I made a kid cry at the clinic.

This is Alex, the birth assistant's nephew. I used to make him cry, but we're friends now.

From (l-r): Zaratou's husband, Maliki and some guy I don't know.

Zaratou lounging in the family courtyard.

Zaratou's courtyard with sheep.

With Maïmouna.

Maïmouna said, "This is Aziz's (her son's) future wife. Take her photo."

It's funny when the kids ride donkeys, except for when they beat them.

Izaïfot and Hanatou on their way to get their hair done.

Standing outside Dapaong feels like being in the middle of nowhere.

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sergio legorreta said...

these are some great photos!