Saturday, November 10, 2007


Thank you to everyone who pledged for the Girls' Education Bike Tour. I may have asked prematurely, as I may not be able to go (and won't know until Thursday, the day before I have to return to Dapaong for the tour). In any case, I'm planning on going on it, but if things change, I will let everyone know. Your money, of course, would still be welcome, but I understand if you prefer to donate on the condition that I actually bike.

As for AIDS ride this week, it went wonderfully until Wednesday night when I lost my lunch (several times) in a field next to the school where we were sleeping. I spent Thursday sleeping in the chase car, on school benches and on a mat on the ground. Peace Corps would be significantly easier without all the illness.

So I spent the week riding 127k on my bike and doing condom demonstrations for crowds of all ages. There was more to the presentations than that, but condoms got by far the most reactions all week long. Here are some pictures.

Helen on the road from Nano to Malagou, Day 3.

Amanda and Helen pushing bikes up the mountain on AIDS Walk (Wednesday was a tough day).

Showing my appreciation for the awesome baobab tree outside Bagou (or Bogou, we went to both).

Naki-Ouest's elementary school students mobbing to check out the new arrivals (Day 1).