Sunday, August 17, 2008

From the United States of America

There's nothing like 15 months in West Africa (not Ghana) to make you appreciate America. Parks with drinking fountains and bathrooms, coffee shops, wheat beer, bookstores, movie theaters showing new releases, cheese on everything, convenience stores, Target, pizza... last night I ate an entire pizza and a plate of cheese fries. I love visiting.

And now the camp pictures I promised:

All the campers had challenges they had to complete. This one involved getting a bucket full of water out of the circle without the use of a rope and without entering the circle... full of fire ants.

Another method.

The Butterflies getting ready for the relay race and scavenger hunt, which they won.

The Butterflies posing at their market table with the bracelets and toffee.

All the beaded jewelry.

Check out his shirt.

Co-counselor Amy and I with our Papillons on the last day of camp. I might have shed a little tear. But only because kids started first.

Now I have a few more days in the States and then it's back for lap two. But first I will eat five more pizzas.