Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Very briefly - bought a cell phone today. Number is 927 1088. To call from the States, enter that number after dialing 001 228 number.

We leave for stage (pre-service training in French, really internship) in Agou Nyogbo tomorrow. Cell phone reception is "unstable" there, and there's no net access, so you may not hear from me for a while.

Thanks to all who have been reading and emailing - it's great to hear from you all. This is the worst keyboard of my life.


Gustavo Bonato said...

That's probably the same keyboard I found once in France. I know how it is! The bastard who created this thing chose to change the place of every single character!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Linda,

You must be with my daughter, Ashley B. She has not started her blog yet so maybe you can push her in that direction. When you get this would you tell her I am trying to figure out text messaging even though I know the reception is unstable there. Also please ask her if she got my box (sent mths ago)and another I recently sent. I hope you have a safe and exciting time in Agou Nyogbo. Not sure how to prounce that, but I am sure I will learn.